Recently at work, I was faced with a rather involved problem that required me to take a deeper look at DB read optimisations. I think the investigation and steps taken to solve the problem are worth sharing, since they could help others running into similar problems.

The Problem: Improve the latency of an RPC, i.e, reduce the time it takes between the client invoking an RPC and the client receiving the response.

Anyone with some experience in problem solving would realize that the above does not define a complete problem. Any problem requires constraints under which it needs to be…

Why candidates fail in Coding interviews ?

Lots of aspiring Software engineers work hard to excel in the coding interviews. They spend hours after hours on Leetcode or reading up on DSA but end up without the job offer. I think a majority of the preparation strategies are fundamentally flawed.

First, some background to add credibility. In college, I applied for internships at Google, MSFT, Amazon and Goldman but did not get into any of them. A year later, I applied for MSFT, Uber, Goldman and got offers from all of them. …

Pratik Mishra

Building subscriptions at @Google with Google One | Previously @GoldmanSachs | When I am not working, I spend my time with Sports , Books and Movies |

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